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Steam Box

Due to unforseen circumstances we have had to suspend the Trove Box Project. This is out of our hands and hopefully we'll be able to return to it shortly. Refunds have been sent. Watch this space for further info x

Steam has for centuries inspired the best – and worst – in humanity, powering our railways, our factories, our wars and indeed our dreams. Now let it inspire you to take to the skies and across great lands from the comfort of your table top in our first box of 2017. From the punk to the historical, this box is packed some some of the finest steam (and steam punk) games we know of with 2-3 pre-packed, 2 games inside the free magazine, a CD to backdrop your play and an array of models, stickers and accessories all packed together with your specific interests in mind.

Also available is our LT box, a compact box with a pre-packed game and accessories. Boxes are available for 10% off if you subscribe to a year and receive all four boxes through 2017. STEAM, REVOLT, SCIENCE, and HORROR.

Once you subscribe, we'll forward you our survey to learn more about your gaming preferences and then prepare your box which will be with you by the end of April.

Check out the SPACE box for a taste of what's contained!